Every Friday between 22.00 and 23.00 John von White brings you the best and hotest soudns from Hongary! 

John von White

The story started at 1996 : From this year John played in school radios like many other djs did before their careers. Later in a silent period he dropped some house parties for friends. In 2009 John take a Dj course and the real John von Wh1te has born. Till today you can explore the fantastic world of dynamic rhythms with this dj who plays many genres of electronic music, from the deep groovy tech-house trough on vocal-house till the dynamic EDM beats but John drops trance music sometimes in his sets. Mixes played in last 6 years on many internet radios like : Track listings Radio (France) , Energy Station Radio (Hungary) , Nightport.Fm (Hungary) , Flying Project Radio (Spain).

John build good international connections with many great artists and producers in the world (Rio Dela Duna , Josue Carrera , etc.) and invited them in his radio sessions like guests.

Today John performs with his own shows on D.E.M Radio (Slovakian-Hungarian) , and on Universe Radio (Netherlands) every week. He plays a perfect build up sets in his live gigs , like in 2012 in Greece (Serres) and in 2014 in electronic music festival "Little Circle" (Hungary) did. Between the live shows John producted many great mashups and some of them became international supports from famous crews (Djs From Mars).

In the future John von Wh1te will start his producer line because of his own remixes and tracks. John is a member of EverDream (Hungary), & Flying Project (Worldwide, with more than 80 djs) groups.