5 years Universe Radio!

On the 30th of september Universe Radio will celibrate that is on-line for 5 years.

We will be making a special live AM Shortwave broadcast with lots of old and new stuff!

The complete broadcast is also availble on or website.

The transmit schedule:

11.00 - 15.00 CET 15.230Khz (Armenia site, 100kw)

12.00 - 17.00 CET 9.330 Khz (American site,50kw)

16.00 - 20.00 CET 6070Khz (German site,10kw)

Please send any reception report to info@universeradio.nl There will be a QSL card availble.
Audio and/or video clips will be hosted on our website.

Electric City!

Great new show starting on www.universeradio.nl on the 10th of September.

Join presenter Fred Setters in Electric City for a nostalgic look back at the best music from the golden age of Synthpop, Electronica, New Wave and New Romantic artists of the 1970's and 1980's. 

As well as classic tracks from artists such as Ultravox, Duran Duran, Yazoo and The Teardrop Explodes, we'll also take a look at some of the new music being released in this diverse and creative genre.

A regular feature of the programme is “Vinyl Simulation” – highlighting a classic chartbuster on its original 7” Vinyl. Sixty minutes of great music – why would you want to be anywhere else but Electric City?

Every Sunday at 17.00 CET on Universe

2017 Unplugged Sessions

Video Year Mix 2016 by Harno Arts

 It has grown in to a great tradition, on new years eve hearing the best tracks of this year in a 1 hour during mix. Harno Arts makes a stunning video year mix, and Universe Radio has been granted the official "pre-release". We play you the full and complete mix at 19.00 cet 24/12/2106. 1 hour later the video version is released.

Blues Thunder by Brad Wilson, album of the week!

 This week Blues Thunder from Brad Wilson is our album of the week.

All kinds of 90's on Universe!

Starting on the 28th of October is the famous "all kinds of 90's" show. Ivo Verhoeven takes you back to the 90's with all sorts of music. Tune in at 20.00 CET

Showcase Analogue Sessions

On the 23th of october American singer songwriter Stephen Simmons will play a super showcase in the Universe studio's. For this special occasion we will use only vintage analogue studio equipment for the session.

Tune in at 20.00 www.universeradio.nl 

DJ's from Mars on Universe Radio!!!

For the 2nd time you can listen to this magical duo on Universe! They will be playing a guest mix in the show from John van White / Budapest Live on 30-9-2016

Album of the week

Do you have an ep or album you think the whole world should know about? send it to music@universeradio.nl and if it get's selected we will play a track every hour for a week!

This week "On my Way" from Marja de Boer is our "Album of the week"

Showcase! Analoque Session

 Starting February we are going to make a new version of our famous Showcase!

Using a refurbish 1/2inch 8 track recorder and a 2 track master recorder we are going to do full analogue versions of Showcase! Bands and artists can now sign up through info@universeradio.nl 

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